PURO Helo F1
PURO Helo F1

PURO Helo F1

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UV Disinfecting Single Light Fixture:

6ft Plug, 110V
The HELO F1 is a hard mounted module that uses high intensity full spectrum UV, including germicidal UV-C, and anti-bacterial UV-B and UV-A to effectively kill bacteria, fungi, and viruses. With multiple mounting and mobile options, the HELO F1 is a versatile disinfecting tool for a wide variety of smaller spaces.

  • Multiple mounting options: 2' x 2' drop ceiling, hard lid ceilings, or wall mounted
  • Optional 12"x12" or 24"x24" flange
  • BACnet compatible for BMS integration, programming and reporting
  • The unit can be manually commissioned 
  • On Demand and Scheduled cycles gives you the flexibility to run a disinfection cycle to fit the unique demands of your facility.
  • Motion sensor for automatic shut off to prevent unnecessary UV exposure
Product Specs:

Light Source: Propriety Pulsed Xenon Lamp
Pulse Interval: 1 UV Flash every 6 seconds
UV Bulb Rated Life: > 2 million UV Flashes
Total Power: 25W per Standard 30 Minute Cycle
Power Connection: 3-prong grounded plug
Weight: 2.6 lbs
Range: 10' x 10' typical
Beam Angle: 170 degrees
Warranty: 1 Year



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