Three Reasons To Eliminate Weeds

1) State Law or Ordinance

Many states legally require that certain weeds be cut or at least controlled to prevent seed production and further spreading.

2) Convenience

Using herbicides saves time and labor over manual trimming.

3) Appearance

Areas that are kept trimmed and weed-free look more attractive.

Use All Herbicides Responsibly

Avoid Overuse


Excessive use of herbicides can damage soil, make air unbreathable and in some cases contaminate water supplies.

Cost Effective:

Overuse not only wastes herbicide but also your money.


The over application of herbicides can have ill effects on animals as well as humans.

Preserving Desirable Plants

Herbicides are designed to kill only those plants you want to eliminate. If not properly applied, herbicides can kill desirable plants too.

The Solution To Using Herbicides Responsibly?

Always read and follow all recommended dilution and application instructions!

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