SuperMelt 'L' Liquid Ice Melter

SuperMelt "L" Liquid Ice Melter

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Ready to use liquid de-icer
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This liquid ice melter quickly penetrates and dissolves frost, snow and ice accumulations and prevents further build-up. It will not cause damage to or form residue on asphalt, concrete, terrazzo, aluminum, steel, plastic, rubber or painted surfaces.

Use it on stairs, sidewalks, driveways, bridges, ramps and loading docks where ice and snow pose a safety hazard. It also prevents the freezing of locks, chains, hinges, linkages, controls, coal conveyors and equipment.

Lowers the freezing point of water and penetrates ice for faster melting action. Simply spray, sprinkle, pour or swab onto the surface to be de-iced.


Use on:  

Sidewalks, Driveways, Stairs, Bridges, Ramps, Loading docks, Locks, Chains Linkages, Controls, Hinges, Coal conveyors, Rail Switches, Free man hole covers and truck scales, apply to road signs so ice and snow do not adhere. Asphalt, Concrete, Terrazzo, Rubber, Aluminum, Steel, Plastic, Painted surfaces.

Eliminates snow and ice without heat!!!!

Low Corrosion - Contains no Sodium Chlorides

Safe for the Environment - Biodegradable

Dual Purpose - Prewetting Solids or direct application

Safe to Use- Low Toxicity to Humans and aquatic life 

Effective Against Ice, Frost and Snow.

Features and Benefits; Liquid Ice Melter

Prevents build-up of ice and snow

Effective in temperatures as low as –60ºF

Has a very low freezing point -76°F 

Ideal alternative to harmful de-icing pellets

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