Quickset Perfect Patch
Quickset Perfect Patch

Quickset Perfect Patch

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QS Perfect Patch, the most effective permanent 100% solids concrete patching system. Same Tensile and Compressive strength as our regular Perfect Patch Concrete Repair Kit. 


Extremely strong formulation makes Perfect Patch the ideal 100% patch that permanently repairs cracks, holes and pitted concrete surfaces.

Resurfacing concrete is a breeze with Quickset Perfect Patch! Feather Edge down to a 1/16th of an inch!

How To Repair A Crack in Concrete:

With expansion and contraction of concrete due to the freeze-thaw cycles concrete slabs will eventually develop cracks. This can be augmented at the cold joints of 2 slabs poured at different times.

The primary objective of patching and sealing a crack in the patio, driveway or walkway is to stop water seepage from getting underneath the concrete where the ground becomes unstable holding the concrete slab.

The best way to seal a crack in the concrete slab is by using a 100% solids to harden and waterproof the area. Using sealers or fillers from the local big box store like Home Depot will only be temporary. You must use a 100% solids!

Here is what you do:

1) Clean any loose debris out of the crack or pitted area on the concrete slab. Use a pick, screwdriver, or stiff broom.

2) Next Mix the QS Perfect Patch parts (the resin and hardener) together in the included pail.

3) Fill the crack, hole or pitted area. Use a trowel and feather-edge as thin as you can giving it a smooth surface.

4) Let it dry

Again, all you do is mix the resin, the hardener, and the aggregate together which makes a 4.5 gallon pail of super strong mortar that when applied will provide you with a impervious diamond like finish drying to over 12,000 PSI.

Perfect for High Traffic Areas and impervious to Corrosives, Rock Salt, and chemical spills.

Use on walkways, stair cases, streets, walls, ramps, and any concrete surfaces indoors or outdoors.

The 50-lb. pail covers 100 square feet at an 1/8th inch thick. Pot life is 15 minutes!

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