OMEGA LINER Epoxy Bed Liner with Kevlar
Epoxy Bed Liner Offers Superior Performance

OMEGA LINER Epoxy Bed Liner with Kevlar

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Epoxy Bed Liner made with Kevlar By Dupont
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Revolutionary Incredibly Durable OMEGA LINER Epoxy Bed Liner

OMEGA LINER Spray On Bed Liner Offers Superior Performance

  • Formulated with Kevlar
  • Withstands the extreme impacts of the most demanding truck bed loads
  • Resistant to gasoline and other automotive chemicals
  • Maximum adhesion to OEM surfaces, metal, fiberglass, wood, aluminum, and other surfaces.
  • Will not fade or deteriorate with UV exposure.
  • Flexible coating will not crack or peel in extreme temperatures.

OMEGA LINER Epoxy Bed Liner with Kevlar is a water-based, rubberized polyurethane coating ideal for protecting truck beds and all other metal, aluminum, fiberglass & wood surfaces. 

Offers superior adhesion, impact resistance and flexibility. An attractive, textured satin black finish prevents cargo from slipping and provides the ultimate in truck bed protection.

OMEGA LINER Epoxy Bed Liner is a 2-part epoxy bed liner that can be sprayed or rolled-on to just about any surface from pickup truck beds to giant municipal salt spreaders. It is super strong, very durable and easy to apply.  It has a textured coating to help prevent your cargo from sliding, and once applied, requires no maintenance other than an occasional washing. Contains Kevlar®, which makes it one of the strongest if not the strongest bed liners on the market. The textured black surface can be left black, or painted any color two  hours after the second coat is applied. 

•Are sound-dampening, impact absorbing, awe-inspiring  
As soon as it’s on, you’ll notice less road noise, and a rattle-free, quiet ride when compared to an unprotected or drop-in liner. And the thick, textured impact-absorbing surface of Our Epoxy Bed Liners also protects cargo from shifting.

•Create a watertight seal that keeps out damaging moisture permanently bonds to your truck bed, with a factory-like finish that follows every angle and curve to preserve precious cargo space while creating a watertight seal.  No air gaps or drill holes to give water a place to hide – and rust a chance to take hold.

•Protect against common chemicals
Independent tests show that Spray-On Bed liners are resistant to most chemicals including chlorine, gasoline, diesel fuel, bleach, and most household solvents.

Application & Mixing Instructions

Application instruction’s for OMEGA LINER Epoxy Bed Liner:

1. prior to sanding the bed remove all surface contaminants by properly cleaning the truck bed with a wax, grease, and silicone remover ( CITRA CLEAN Degreaser ).
2. protect the vehicle from over-spray by masking areas that will not be coated.
3. remove all rust by grinding or sandblasting. blow the surface to remove grinding and sandblasting debris.
4. sand the truck bed with 180 grit sandpaper. blow the surface to remove sanding dust.
5. clean bed once again with CITRA CLEAN ORGANIC degreaser and allow bed to thoroughly dry.

Mixing Instructions for OMEGA LINER Epoxy Bed Liner:

Very Important : mixed product has a short pot life
( 44-minutes@72 degrees Fahrenheit.)


  1. pour part a and part b into a clean dry mixing container.
  2. stir thoroughly by hand for 2 minutes.
  3. wait 5 minutes before applying mixed product ( there is a 5 minute induction time before application ).
  4. do not mix on a paint shaker .
  5. do not reduce or thin product with solvent.

Spray Gun Application Directions OMEGA LINER Epoxy Bed Liner:

  1. pour mixed product into application gun cup.
  2. set air pressure , at the gun, to 100 psi ( minimum ) and adjust the nozzle to the desired spray pattern.
  3. spray a test panel before spraying the truck bed.
  4. holding the gun approximately 18 inches from the surface and apply a first medium wet coat- start spraying the front truck bed panel, then move to the sides and wheel wells. next , spray the floor from front to rear. follow the length of the bed and completely coat the floor before spraying the tailgate.
  5.  remove any over-spray immediately.
  6. apply a second medium wet coat. open the spray gun nozzle approximately 1 turn from the 1 st coat’s setting. holding the gun approximately 24 from the truck bed, spray for desired texture and uniformity. ( note : the first coat of truck bed liner will still be wet do not touch the the truck bed while applying the second coat. )

Roll On Application Directions OMEGA LINER Epoxy Bed Liner:

  1. pour the properly mixed OMEGA LINER bed liner into a roller tray, after allowing for a 5 minute induction period.
  2. use a blue foam ( solvent resistant ) roller ( these are usually available at your paint store in a set that includes 1 roller handle, 2 foam rollers and a tray .)
  3. start rolling the front of the truck bed , using an up and down side to side cross hatching technique to ensure coverage.
  4. once the front is covered using the same up and down side to side cross hatching technique, roll the side panels including the wheel wells then coat the floor from front to back. roll tailgate last.
  5.  if additional thickness is desired, wait 2 hours before re-coating.

After Application Clean-Up:

  1.  clean spray equipment immediately after use with reducer. keep all product containers tightly closed at all times to avoid potential contamination. discard of containers according to local, state and government regulations.

Delivery :

  1. unmask the edges of the truck bed approximately 1 hour after application.
  2. allow applied truck bed liner to air dry for a minimum of eight hours prior to delivery. Use of a heat lamp will speed up cure time.
  3. wait at least 72 hours ( 3 days ) before transporting load in the truck bed.




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