Miracle Fuel Saver D
Miracle Fuel Saver D

Miracle Fuel Saver D

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As low as $84.75 per gallon!
Super concentrated, incredibly effective for diesel engines.
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Miracle Fuel Saver™ will increase the efficiency of your gas or diesel engines, even home heating furnaces by 10% or more!

Super concentrated, incredibly effective for diesel or gas engines.

Self blending and begins to work immediately in gasoline and diesel fuel to improve the fuel burn, increase mileage savings, and reduce deposits.

Special anti-gelling agents stop gelling & condensation in your storage tank in cold weather, providing more usable & burnable fuel.

Accepted for use in unleaded fuel, compatible with biodiesel and ethanol, and is safe for all engines.

Performance benefits are especially noticeable on vehicles with higher accumulated mileage.

This can mean Huge savings for trucking, hauling, & all agricultural equipment like tractors, combines, pick-up trucks, tractor trailer rigs, you name it!

Miracle Fuel Saver™ contains a unique combustion modifier which accelerates the fuel burn so that more of the engine’s power is delivered instantaneously at the top of the piston stroke, providing an increase in efficiency of 10% or more.

Extends engine life, reduces stack smoke, increases filter life, reduces pollution!

Got a 1,200 gallon or more diesel storage tank?

let’s do the math:

1,200 x $3.92/gallon (avg nat’l cost at time of print) = $4,704.00

$4,704.00 x 10% increased efficiency savings = $470.40


All directions are on the label

Requires less than 1 ounce of Miracle Fuel per 10 gallons of fuel

Call 800-840-0947 for Bulk Pricing 

on 55 gallon drums & container sizes!

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