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Enzyme Cleaners

Enzyme Drain Cleaners:

Enzyme drain cleaners contain bacteria colonies that interact with the organic matter and residue that build up inside the pipes, traps and drains.

The concentrated enzymes effectively eat away and liquefy the organic residue. Using a concentrated enzymatic cleaner on a regular basis will maintain the proper liquid flow through the septic system. The biggest benefit to using enzyme drain cleaners is that they are safe to use, biodegradable, and safe for the environment. 

One of the ancillary benefits to using enzymatic drain cleaner is that the bacteria in the concentrated enzymes not only breakdown organic matter like soap, food, hair etc. it also actually kills the organic waste that create bad odors. Typical use of an enzyme drain cleaner is to digest organic residue. 

Should you have a blockage in the drain system you are better off using mechanical means (snake or plunger) to loosen the clog. Once there is a flow in the septic system it is wise to introduce an enzyme drain cleaner on a regular basis so that clogs will not form on the walls of the pipes and drains eliminating the future prospect of a major blockage in your drain system. 

Biodegradable enzyme cleaners are great to have around the house when you have a food spill, stain, or pet accidents, you can take care of any malodors instantly and stop any more damage to the underlining surface. Probably the best reason to use an enzymatic drain cleaner is because they are engineered to dissolve organic waste at the bacterial level. Specific enzymes and specific bacteria are carefully developed and tested to digest any and all organic waste, matter, and residue in the shortest amount of time. 

Once activated these bacteria colonies grow exponentially. Reaching billions in numbers and then once all of the organic waste is digested these bacteria colonies die off and are one hundred percent bio-degradable. Whatever organic drain or septic system problem you may have it can be overcome using an enzyme drain cleaner fit for the job. Our Enact enzymatic drain cleaner does all of this and so much more. In addition Enact leaves you with a clean scent that doesn’t mask odors. 

Bad odors coming from dumpsters or garbage areas? Just spray Enz-act enzyme cleaner on them to get rid of them forever. Nothing could be worse than to have your friends and family or patrons at your business get subjected to bad odors. Using an enzymatic cleaner for preventive measures makes a lot of sense.
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