Enz-Act Grease Trap Drain Cleaner
Enz-Act Grease Trap Drain Cleaner

Enz-Act Grease Trap Drain Cleaner

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As low as $49.95 per gallon!
Complete drain and grease trap maintenance system.
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ENZACT Grease Trap Drain Cleaner

Eliminates the high cost of grease traps and pumps it out permanently!

Natural Enzyme Drain Cleaner that has Multiple Uses:

Eliminates stains and malodors, food stains, organic waste, bodily fluids, and organic spills.

Enzact is used in 1000's of Restaurants and Hospitals to Control Grease

Grease Trap System using Enzact

Get peace of mind with Enzact Enzymatic drain cleaner:

• Grease traps separate and collect fats, oils, and grease (FOG)

Proper grease trap maintenance for your Grease Recovery Device (GRD) prevents:

Drain line blockages

Emergency back-ups

Foul odors

Fines from local municipalities

Enzact Enzyme Grease Trap Maintenance system for restaurants:

     • Control the build-up of FOG

Reduce the need for pump-outs

        • Use Enzact as an additive which biologically breaks down Fat, Oil, and  Grease (FOG)  leaving behind only carbon dioxide and water

What are the Features and Benefits of Enzact?

Frequent pump-outs of grease traps can be eliminated by extending the time in between pump-outs.

Kill bad odors at the molecular level so they don’t come back - ever!

When done cleaning there is a fresh, pleasant scent.

When you break down organic waste with our Enzact drain cleaner you are actually using a billion bacteria colonies to eliminate the core grease and bad odors. Specifically formulated bacteria strains do the hard work. They target complex carbs and simple food molecules like starch. Then they break them down and liquify. In addition, our specific formulation of designer bacteria resist high temp water and chemicals like quat disinfectant and concentrated chlorine.

Over at Lowes Home Improvement this type of product at a lower dilution ratio is expensive. Similar cost savings can be had when comparing to Home Depot drain cleaners.

Now Enzact works best when used consistently in your grease and trap drain system.
To that end, follow the directions which are clearly marked on the container. There you can find out what your application times and doses should be for your specific application. But no worries because we have you covered. After your purchase contact us via phone, chat, or email to go over any questions you are not sure of. Our knowledgable staff will be sure to give you the best answers.

When you combine the explosive bacteria eating power of ENZACT grease and trap drain cleaner with the support of our knowledgable and trained service professionals you get true results and the best of both worlds.

You cannot find this Enzact Enzyme drain cleaner at Lowes or Home Depot.

Call our experienced grease trap problem solver now 800-788-9195

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