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Live Stock Waste Digestant Enzymes
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Live Stock Waste Digestant Enzymes 


Use the powerful waste digesting properties of natural enzymes and bacteria to maintain animal waste systems. Regular use establishes thriving colonies of these waste digesting bacteria to pr

ovide continuous, uninterrupted digestion and MAXIMUM ODOR CO

NTROL. Wastes are converted to harmless carbon dioxide and water - NO TOXIC GAS! These specially-cultured bacillus bacteria reduce solids build-up for increased storage capacity. The bacterial action actually increases the fertilizer value of the manure, breaks up crust, solids and gas pockets for easy pumping. This natural digestion is the most effective 

odor control possible, because it destroys the source 

of the odors!

Formulation: Powder blend of dry bacteria cultures, enzymes and microbial nutrients. All bacteria cultures are comprised entirely of beneficial spore-forming bacillus varieties. Contains 100% gram positive bacteria varieties. Each individual lot certified salmonella free by independent laboratory analysis. Meets all requirements established in Federal Specification P-C-440C and Commercial item Description A-A11 or the US Government Services Administration.

USDA AUTHORIZATION: Category L2; This digestant is acceptable as an enzymatic compound for use in sewage and or drain lines in official establishments operating under USDA inspection programs.

APPLICATIONS: Hog, Cattle, or Chicken Manure Pits: Use 1-3lbs per 100 animals, or 5lbs per 10,000 gallons of liquid in pit. Initially, treat the pit every week. After digestion process is underway, treatments may be reduced to once or twice per month. Significant reductions in odor will occur after one or two weeks, as the bacteria and enzymes go to work. Gas pockets will be broken , open, and dispersed evenly and safely.

Also treat feed lots (1-3lbs per 100 animals ) and lagoon sysytems holding animal wastes (1-4lbs per 50,000 gallons of liquid, or 10lbs per acre-foot). Treat each lagoon two times per year-each spring and fall. For compost heaps, use 1lb per 5-10 tons of manure, leaves, or vegetation to be composted. Wet compost pile thoroughly, then sprinkle with slurry of disgestant. For fastest composting, turn over pile every few weeks and retreat.

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