Avenger - Bed Bug Killer
Avenger - Bed Bug Killer

Avenger - Bed Bug Killer

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Avenger Organic Bed Bug Killer is 100% Natural and proven to eliminate bed bugs (Cimex lectularius).
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Avenger Organics Bed Bug Killer is 100% Natural, proven to eliminate bed bugs (Cimex lectularius), without harsh pesticides found in many traditional treatment methods. Most Bed Bug treatment products use Permethrins and Pyrethrins, which are serious carcinogens and pesticides.
  • Easy-To-Use
  • Kills Adult Bed Bugs, Larva, & Eggs
  • 100% Natural Non-Pesticide
  • Safe to Use Around Kids & Pets




Avenger Organics Bed Bug Killer kills fast and when used according to directions, can deter bed bugs for up to two-three weeks. Our 100% natural and organic formula has been proven to kill bed bugs. In recent tests, Avenger Organics Bed Bug Killer showed animpressive mortality rate of 98% within 30 minutes, with 100% kill rate within the hour.  A fresh organic aroma is an added bonus.

WE OFFER DO IT YOURSELF SPRAY BOTTLES in 24 oz. and 1 Gallon bottles.  With the epidemic of bed bugs, scammers and ineffective products are popping up all over the market place.  You CAN get rid of your bed bugs yourself without all the high costs of an exterminator, or someone to come in and "bake" or "freeze"  your home or business.

Description and Habits 

Bed bugs are small, brownish, flattened insects that feed solely on the blood of animals. The common bed bug, Cimex lectularius, is the species most adapted to living with humans. It has done so since ancient times.

Adult bed bugs are about 1/4 inch long and reddish brown, with oval, flattened bodies. The immature bugs (nymphs) resemble the adults, but are smaller and somewhat lighter in color. Bed bugs do not fly, but can move quickly over floors, walls, ceilings and other surfaces. Female bed bugs lay their eggs in secluded areas, depositing up to five a day and 500 during a lifetime. The eggs are tiny, whitish, and hard to see without magnification (individual eggs are about the size of a dust spec). When first laid, the eggs are sticky, causing them to adhere to surfaces. Newly hatched nymphs are no bigger than a pinhead. As they grow, they molt (shed their skin) five times before reaching maturity. A blood meal is needed between each successive molt.

Under favorable conditions (70 - 90 F), the bugs can complete development in as little as a month, producing three or more generations per year. Cool temperatures or limited access to a blood meal extends the development time. Bed bugs are very resilient. Nymphs can survive months without feeding and the adults can survive for more than a year without food. Infestations, therefore, are unlikely to diminish by leaving premises unoccupied. Although Bed Bugs prefer feeding on humans, they will also bite other warm-blooded animals, including pets. 
Bed bugs are active mainly at night. During the daytime, they prefer to hide close to where people sleep. Their flattened bodies enable them to fit into tiny crevices - especially those associated with mattresses, box springs, bed frames, and headboards. Bed bugs do not have nests like ants or bees, but do tend to congregate in habitual hiding places.

Bed bug infestations are characteristically marked by dark spotting and staining, which is the dried excrement of the bugs. Also present will be eggs, eggshells, molted skins, of maturing nymphs, and the bugs themselves.

Another likely sign of bed bugs is rusty or reddish spots of blood on bed sheets or mattresses. Heavy infestations are sometimes accompanied by a "buggy" or sweetish odor, although such smells are not always apparent.

Bed bugs prefer to hide close to where they feed. However if necessary, they will crawl more than 100 feet to obtain a blood meal. Initial infestations tend to be around beds, but the bugs eventually may become scattered throughout a room, occupying any crevice or protected location. They also can spread to adjacent rooms or apartments.


How do I use your Natural Bed-Bug Killer? 
Our Bed Bug Killer is applied by spraying onto any suspected bed bug surfaces such as cracks, the entire bed frame, underneath the bed, any suspected wood surfaces and even the baseboard of the bedroom.

How long does it take for Natural Bug Killer to work? 
Our Natural Bed Bug Killer kills bed bugs within minutes of application. 

How do I get rid of Bed Bugs in my bedding, sheets and pillow cases? 
Wash all items in borax soap laundry detergent in 120 degree water and then dry on highest setting. 

What are the active ingredients in your Natural Bed Bug Killer? 
100% natural plant extracts of Euginia Carophylla, Mentha Piperita, and Sodium Lauryl Sulphate from Coconut Extract. 
Why is your Natural Bed Bug Killer exempt from EPA registration? 
Avenger Organics Natural Bed Bug Killer contains only 100% EPA exempt ingredients. This product is exempt from registration with the Federal EPA under section 25(b) of FIFRA, and as such, is not registered with the Environmental Protection Agency. Cutting Edge Formulations, Inc. represents that this product and its ingredients qualify for exemption from registration under FIFRA.

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