Agrisel UpStar Gold
Agrisel UpStar Gold

Agrisel UpStar Gold

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Agrisel’s Up Star Gold is the post patent version of “Talstar” and contains 7.9% Bifenthrin.  It is formulated from the highest grade of technical bifenthrin and contains superior quality inert ingredients for maximum insect and pest control.  Up Star Gold has a very broad label and can be used for Agricultural uses, T & O uses and Professional Pest Control uses.


  • Kills and controls over 125 different listed insects and pests.
  • Fully EPA labeled for uses across several markets.
  • Has the same active ingredient and formulation as “Talstar” and “Bifen”.
  • Economical to use and cost effective.

Available Sizes: 4x1 Gal Cases

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