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BlackStar Rust Converter
BlackStar Rust Converter
Black Star Aerosols as low as $14.96!
2. BlackStar Aerosol Rust Converter BlackStar Aerosol Rust Converter
As low as $14.96 per Aerosol!
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3. Perfect Patch 100% Concrete Epoxy Perfect Patch 100% Concrete Epoxy
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Bust-da-Rust! Rust Away Bust-da-Rust! Rust Away
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BlackStar Aerosol Rust Converter
As low as $14.96 per Aerosol!
Eats-It M
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SuperMelt Ice Melt
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SuperMelt Ice Melt
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As low as $.55 per pound!
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Super Melt Ice Melter

Better for your concrete, cars & equipment!

Will not damage concrete, asphalt, or steel, which is a problem with many sodium chloride based ice melts. FREE SHIPPING.

Fast Acting. Works at -30°F.
Moisture activated, not sunlight activated. Melts through exothermic action. This means you can get a head start on the ice by applying Super Melt before sunrise, clearing the sidewalks and doorways before most pedestrian traffic begins.

A superior blend of nitrogen, calcium, potassium & magnesium chlorides, providing fast long lasting activation, without tracking in residue inherent in other ice melters. Tremendous coverage - Melts 50 times its area in size!

**For added safety, SuperMelt contains beneficial instant traction agents and will not cause brown outs to expensive landscaping.
 The approximate coverage is 1 pound per 4 square yards. Coverage will vary depending on many variables including the amount of ice and snow, temperature fluctuations, proper run-off drainage, etc.

The application of Supermelt is easy! Just spread Supermelt over the ice and snow in small and even amounts (do not over-apply). This can be done by hand (wearing gloves) or using a hand spreader or broadcast spreader. Full directions are on the label.

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