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SuperGrip Non Slip Paint Epoxy
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SuperGrip Non Slip Paint Epoxy
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SuperGrip Non Slip Paint Epoxy

SUPERGRIP is made for surfaces that have heavy abrasive pedestrian or vehicle traffic such as trucks or fork lifts.

Prevent accidents! Apply SUPERGRIP in slippery areas in all work environments.



Non Slip Paint Epoxy 

STOP SLIPPING on oil, water or greasy surfaces!

Two-part 100% EPOXY coating that is very easily applied. Just mix and roll onto concrete, wood, or metal surfaces. Grit is in suspension in resin (see picture above). Super-Grip is self leveling, and covers 300-350 sq. ft. per kit.

For indoor and outdoor use. Meet OSHA and ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) standards; California VOC (volatile organic compound) requirements; and ASTM requirements for durability, cleanability, and slip and impact resistance, unless noted. Application temperature range is 55 to 90 F.

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