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Perfect Patch 100% Concrete Epoxy
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Perfect Patch 100% Concrete Epoxy
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Product Description

Perfect Patch, the most effective permanent 100% Epoxy concrete patching system.

Extremely strong formulation makes Perfect Patch the ideal 100% epoxy patch that permanently repairs cracks, holes and pitted concrete surfaces.

Resurfacing concrete is a breeze with Perfect Patch! Feather Edge down to a 1/16th of an inch!

Three-part mixture includes epoxy, hardener, and silica filler. Apply with a trowel.

All you do is mix the resin, the hardner, and the aggregate together which makes a 4.5 gallon pail of super strong mortar that when applied will provide you with a impervious diamond like finish drying to over 12,000 PSI.

If you have any concrete surfaces that are worn out or have hairline cracks and crevices applying Perfect Patch will restore and in most cases exceed the strength of the original concrete. Once you put down Perfect Patch it's permanent and 10X stronger than the surrounding concrete.

Concrete surfaces in manufacturing plants, garages, sidewalks, and patios are ideal places to apply Perfect Patch. Even 10,000 lbs forklifts with heavy loads that create heavy abrasive traffic to floors are not going to put a dent in Perfect Patch. (the surrounding concrete might be compromised - that problem is solved with our Concrete Sealer System.)

Perfect for High Traffic Areas and impervious to Corrosives, Rock Salt, and chemical spills.

Use on walkways, stair cases, streets, walls, ramps, and any concrete surfaces indoors or outdoors.

Perfect Patch can be used in federally-inspected food processing plants. Dries in 4-6 hours and is ready for light traffic in 12 hours. Three-part mixture includes epoxy, hardener, and Aggregate. Apply with a trowel, hand tamp or roller.

The 50-lb. pail covers 100 square feet at an 1/8th inch thick. Pot life is 45-60 minutes.

Color is concrete gray. Other colors available by calling 800-788-9195 - talk to a product specialist.

Dries to a permanent 12,000 PSI!

All directions are on the label

Resealable lid- only use what you need - long shelf life- store the rest for concrete repair needs as they arise.

Customer Reviews
Used on cracks in sidewalk & in warehouse. Hard as a rock when it cures. Did a great job for us, we'll be buying a lot more.
Reviewed by Fred from baltimore md. on 7/16/2013
Product works as advertised. Used in plant floor cracks & pitted areas. no chipping or cracking 5,000LB HiLo forklifts rolling over it all day We've order several times and keep kits in stock Excellent product & customer service Quick ship
Reviewed by John from Chicago IL. on 6/12/2013
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