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Banish Ground Sterilizer

Banish Weed Killer Herbicide is a concentrated total ground sterilant that kills all vegetation with residual control. When Banish is applied to the soil it stays active in the root system killing all roots where they start. Not only that, Banish will kill roots of all types of invasive weed species before they get a chance to sprout and produce thousands of seedlings. Get Banish for year long residual control of all vegetation saving you many man hours of re-applying herbicide.

Powerful Banish contains 1.2% Bromacil making it strong enough to kill those invasive weeds that are hard to kill like pigweed, knotweed and the like.

Use Banish Weed Killer in all industrial areas that need total control of vegetation for reasons including local zoning ordinance, aesthetic and safety. Use on railroad right of ways, tank farms, and pipelines. Also before highways are paved use Banish as a pre-emergent and when combined with the great and powerful “WEED EASY” granular, you get the 1-2 punch needed to keep any weeds down for multiple growing seasons. Other sites to use Banish are storage areas, fence rows, and parking lots.

Do you have a special area where you need to keep the weeds down and are not sure what to get? Call one of our knowledgeable herbicide service techs and get your answers! Call us at 800-788-9195

The directions to use Banish are on the label and are easy to follow. Banish is EPA registered, VOC (Volatile organic compounds) compliant and must be only used in non-cropland areas. Banish is a low odor formula.

Coverage is excellent for this product!

The coverage per Gallon in sq ft: You will get up 1000 sq ft per gallon!

  • Banish is a 10 to 1 concentrate that you dilute with plain water. Each gallon gets you 11 workable gallons for tremendous savings.
  • For Annual weeds and grasses apply 11 gallons of diluted Banish to cover 800-3100 square feet.
  • For Perennial weeds and grasses apply 11 gallons of diluted Banish to cover 400 to 800 square feet.
  • Hard to kill brush and woody plants can also be controlled with Banish herbicide. Applying Banish according to the directions on the label will provide you with long lasting residual action saving you time and money.
  • Brush control: To control undesirable woody plants on non-cropland areas, apply 54.5 to 109 gallons per acre or dilute 2 gallons with 2 gallons of water and apply on soil at the rate of 6 to 12 fluid ounces per stem 2” to 4” in basal diameter.

 **IMPORTANT** The degree of control and duration depends on the amount of herbicide applied, soil type, rainfall and other conditions. Call us with any specific job requirement questions that you may have. Call 800-788-9195.




Applicator Licenses:

Colorado requires an applicators licence for all soil sterilants. 

Texas requires an applicators licence for all Total ground and soil sterilants 

Washington requires an applicators licence to sell Banish, Barren and Turf King. Pesticide Dealers License is required to sell Triple Threat in containers > 1 Gallon
Customer Reviews
I usually have a hard time keeping the weeds at bay, but this stuff really did the trick. Bought this stuff a year ago and I still haven't seen the usual growth starting at this time of year. I definitely recommend this product to anyone looking to for a great total kill herbicide.
  Reviewed by george prost from Alexandria, LA. on 4/25/2012
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